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The Progressive Teacher Vol 06 Issue 06

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This issue of The Progressive Teacher focuses on "Mental Wellbeing". The feature articles by school leaders and teachers bring attention to the importance of developing a school culture that safeguards the mental health of students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in these troubling times.

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from the PUBLISHER’s desk Often overlooked but pivotal to success, Mental Wellbeing jan-feb, 2020 Vol. 06 Issue 06 Operations & Correspondence Office : 406 Sant Nagar,East Of Kailash New Delhi-110065. INDIA Ph: (91)11-26232482,26232684 Email : SCAN FOR MORE INFO Editor : Dr Atul Nischal Publisher : Sonal Khurana Contributing editor : Tazmeen Amna Design : Sanjeev Kandwal ADVERTISING & Sales VN Kutty : 09313480469 Karan Kumar : 07011784967 Annual Subscription: Rs 600 (6 issues); Overseas US$ 100 The Progressive Teacher is owned by International Council for School Leadership, A-27, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110044 Editor : Dr Atul Nischal. Printed and Published by Sonal Khurana on behalf of International Council for School Leadership Printed at M/s Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 20/4, Site-IV Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, U.P. We stand indemnified against any claims arising directly or indirectly from the publication or nonpublication of an advertisement. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. All trademarks and tradenames mentioned in this magazine belong to their respective owners. The Progressive School does not take the responsibility for returning unsolicited publication material. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi/New Delhi only. Opinions expressed in the articles are of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or publisher. While the editors/publisher do their utmost to verify information published, they do not accept responsibility for its absolute accuracy. Subscription / Missed copies helpline: 08920636286 India has been rated as the most depressed country in the world by World Health Organisation, which brings me to delve straight into the truth: Nowadays, children are either depressed, or are growing up to be depressed, anxious individuals. Even children who perform exceedingly well in academics, could be crumbling with selfdoubt on the inside. Or, a student with excellent grades in Science could be passionate about the Liberal Arts- but does not have the emotional bandwidth to say so, or to admit it before his/her parents and teachers, and can thus can get cast into a lifetime of choosing the wrong path and being unhappy with it. Cyber bullying, social media, and peer pressure, instead of decreasing with the progress of our times has seen a steady increase: directly impacting the mental health of developing, sensitive minds, and obstructing their growth and journey to being a wholesome individual. The importance of mental health should not just be restricted to ‘bringing the best out of the student or child’ in terms of performance, be it academic or extra-curricular. Rather, it should be centred on trying to mould children into wellrounded, self-assured and secure personalities, so that they succeed in not just professional, but also in their personal lives. Through our volume dedicated to the mental health awareness and holistic development, The Progressive Teacher seeks to re-define the terms success, wellness, and development. Success entails many things- not just a stable career, or even a conventional way of life. Success could mean various things for various people- which is why off-beat careers such as travel writing, public welfare, decorative and performative arts are gaining momentum and popularity in India and in the rest of the world. People are breaking out of their shells and exploring the roads not taken, in the quest for happiness. However, if certain inner-work is done for an individual at a formative age, then the hassle of breaking out of one cycle, and then adopting a different path can be avoided- the pains, turmoil, and struggles associated with the process can be avoided if we teach our children from the very outset to follow their hearts, and as educators instill in them the courage and discipline to do so in a systematic way, and teach them life-skills at a school-level so that they are in touch with their individuality. Once this is achieved, perhaps the world will be a happier place and India won’t have a low rank on the Happiness Index! In this volume, we have curated articles from the best among the best: mental health experts, educationists, teachers, career mentors, counsellors, psychologists, and guides. We hope you enjoy this issue and it helps in widening the average perspective of mental health among children. Sonal Khurana Publisher Managed by Owned by The next issue of The Progressive Teacher will focus on Integrating Art EducatIOn 3 THE PROGRESSIVE TEACHER in ScHOOLS

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